SHIN PERU TRAVEL, Travel agency

SHIN PERU TRAVEL has been working for more than 10 years because of the initiative and impulse of professional tourist guides who decided to start their own business; Fortunately, they have achieved it successfully, therefore the interest of the wholesale market was caught. One of the first tourists we have attended was japanese, so, thanks to the mastery of the Japanase Language we have, Little by Little we could locate our travel agency SHIN PERÚ TRAVEL into the Japanes tourist market.
Over the years, SHIN PERÚ TRAVEL continues operating with the manager Mr. JUAN VELASCO, from its new office located in San Luis Urbanization Llaully Street G-2 of. 301 San Sebastian, thus, our travel agency grew up based on good teamwork and innovative ideas. We are committed to offer a quality service prioritizing the welfare and customers safety.
We are known for being an organization committed to work in order to get the benfit of our customers, coworkers, employees and community service, besides, we respect and take care of the environment; so we get the customers greatest welfare and pleasure, organizing and then performing different kinds of trips to our country and also to others. To get it, we have great professionals who provide a kind and friendly service with the customers satisfaction and confort as the first objective and priority.
We offer a wide variety of services which satisfy all the customer needs who wish to have a unique tourist experience. The service we provide is always adapted to every kind of customers. Our agency has been adapting to the changes imposed by the time, by improving and expanding its service. Over the time SHIN PERÚ TRAVEL has been working, it has always improved its operations according to the highest tourist and customer care quality standars supported by the latest technology and qualified personnel.


SHIN PERÚ TRAVEL agency is geared to provide regional, national and international tourist services, offering a high quiality service. We are known for being an organization committed to work for the benefit of our customers, employees, community service, as well as we promote the development of sustainable tourism and continuous improvement of our tourist service development.


By the year 2020, we will have positioned as one of the most prestigious travel agencies in Perú and other countries, offering the highest quality of service, as well as committed to our customers and coworkers, working on social projects and business extensión.


Those of us who are part of Shin Perú act with:
– Respect for human dignity and the environment.
– Solidarity, collaboration and camaraderie.
– Quality
– Trust
– Professionalism
– Responsibility

By obtaining the TourCert seal, we are committed to responsable tourism. Our management and information system is designed under the TourCert standards which have been verified by an independent auditor. The TourCert seal commits us to continuously improve environmental topics, working conditions and customer information continuously, as well as establishing fair business relationships. The agreements with our service suppliers take into consideration environmental, socio-cultural and economic criteria about the provision of services, preparation and selection of our trip offers.



SHIN PERÚ TRAVEL is geared to sell regional, national and international tourist packages, offering a high quality service which satisfied our customers needs. Our agency is committed to work in favor of our customers, cooworkers, the community service, respecting and caring of the environment.
By the year 2020, we will have positioned as one of the most prestigious travel agencies in Perú and other countries, offering the continuous improvement in our provision of services, as well as the commitment to our customers and coworkers in order to respect them, according to the current law, working on social projects and business extensión.
Our commitments are:
– Focusing on continuous activities and business activities improvement, providing a quality service.
– Promoting good environmental practice in our service presentation, both in the office and in the field.
– Providing the necessary resources to our collaborators focused on the Company needs.
– Strengthening our company through the formality of our service.
Elaborated, reviewed and approved by:
Juan Velasco
General Manager
Date: 12/03/2017