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20 November, 2017
20 November, 2017
Nazca Lines are located in the southern part of Peru, mainly on a desert landing between of Ingenio and Nazca valleys. On this dark plain of more than 500 square kilometers, the ancient men of Nazca culture, drew possible designs representing geometric figures, animals, birds, plants and straight lines that travel the desert for several kilometers in all directions. These images on the surface of the desert are so gigantic that the only way to evaluate them in its total dimension is from the sky. The origin of these lines and figures is unknown, nobody knows who did them and why.


At the designated time, our staff will pick you up from your hotel and then transfer you to the Nazca airport. In this aerial tour, we will board a small plane that has capacity for five people, each with a seat next to the window.

In order to observe each figure, our pilot will fly over each design in circles.

After seeing all these beautiful designs we will return to the Nazca airport.
–Pick up from your hotel in Nazca and transfer to the Nazca aerodrome.

–Documentary video about The Nazca Lines.

–Classic Flight to the Nazca Lines (35min).

–Transfer back to your hotel.

–* Tourist guide in any language (Request it when you make your reservation via call or sending a message to the email).
–Airport Taxes.

–Extras and gratitudes.

–Accommodation in Nazca.

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